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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
The amazing properties of wood!

The amazing properties of wood!

Anyone who knows a thing or two about wood would undeniably agree that it has some amazing properties!

It’s an immensely versatile material, with an intensity of strength when used for the manufacture of furniture production and even timber framed house construction. Yet at the same time, it has an incredible fragility when its structure is thinly planed, such as in the manufacture of veneer.

Whilst these two properties might seem obvious, one less well known benefit of wood is its acoustic insulation, and as such ‘Acupanel’ was conceived. Not only beautifully stylish in appearance, ‘Acupanel’ has the added benefit of absorbing noise, reducing sound travelling from room to room!

Whilst the wood is not solely responsible for ‘Acupanel’s’ acoustic properties, when used in conjunction with a pre-applied and specially designed felted backing, the sound absorption of the product is significant. In fact, ‘Acupanel’ is most effective at absorbing sounds between 500 and 2000 Hz, meaning they are an ideal wallcovering for both commercial and domestic installations.

Each acoustic panel is made from a series of lamella wooden strips, mounted onto a felt like backing, which is actually made using recycled plastic bottles. Like the backing material, the wood is sourced from sustainable forests, enabling the furniture to be FSC© certified.

The panels themselves are supplied in lengths of 2400mm, allowing them to be fitted vertically from floor to ceiling in the majority of UK homes, without any joins. They are available in a single width of 600mm, making them easy to handle and cut down to size if required.

As well as on walls, they look equally as trendy when fitted on ceilings, ideal if sound is travelling between different apartments or flats.

Whatever the sound pollution issues are that you’re experiencing, be it in a commercial or domestic situation, look no further than ‘Acupanel’ for an extremely stylish way to stop it!
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