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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wall panelling ideas for a bedroom or bathroom…

Wall panelling ideas for a bedroom or bathroom…

Wooden wall panelling really is truly universal! It is suitable for so many uses in both commercial and domestic installations, on both walls and even ceilings!

From feature walls in living rooms and hallways, to focal points in wine bars and restaurants, the possibilities of wooden wall panelling are endless. Likewise, it’s a product that can look fabulous in a bedroom, bathroom or en-suite, thanks to its universal appeal and diversity of its properties.

For instance, Acupanel offers both fabulous looks in conjunction with soundproofing properties. Each panel is made up of a series of thin lamella strips, which in turn are backed with a felt like material. This backing is actually made from recycled plastic bottles, so not only does it offer the benefit of acoustic noise reduction, but it’s kind to the environment too!

If you’re a light sleeper that hears is the slightest sound, or in a property where your bed is against a party wall and the noise from next door travels, Acupanel is sure to help. 

Whether you opt for your entire room to be clad in Acupanel, a wall or section of a wall fitted in it, or simply decide to make a feature headboard, the soundproofing properties of Acupanel are unrivalled. 

In an open plan bedroom and en-suite, a partition wall will provide some privacy in the bathroom, but doesn’t stop sound travelling. By cladding it in Acupanel, noises such as the shower running or the toilet flushing will be reduced.

With 10 finishes to choose from including contemporary Black, and two further colourways that feature the same fabulous looks as acoustic Acupanel, but without the soundproofing properties, there is sure to be a colourway to complement your interior scheme!

But, not all homes suit the minimal and contemporary looks of Acupanel.

For those where a more rustic wallcovering is required, consider a finish from our Reclaimed range?

Characterised by its authentic appearance, its alluring surface is perfect for an older property such as period cottage bathroom or seaside guest house en-suite.

Our latest portfolio addition is Muratto®.

Peak is mixed with coloured pigments and natural resins to give this range its distinctive kaleidoscope of colours.

Equally distinguishing is its surface, constructed of four peaks each converging at a different angle to the next, to offer a truly captivating wallcovering.

Equally appealing, Primecork offers a more conventional, oversized tile primarily made from two layers of cork.

Each tile is then finished with a protective coating that has both natural colour pigment and water repellent properties, making it a fabulous feature wall panelling solution for a bathroom.

Be inspired by our alluring wood wall panelling for bathrooms, and start planning your new look bathroom today!

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