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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wall panelling ideas for bathrooms using wood!

Wall panelling ideas for bathrooms using wood!

Resistant to moisture, wooden wall panelling is a great wallcovering choice in a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. Whilst it can’t be used on walls that are in direct contact with water, such as in a shower enclosure, it can create a perfect feature or focal point, attractively breaking up the monotony of a fully tiled room. 

A bathroom or en-suite can sometimes feel damp due to condensation, and cold because there is inherently a lot of white products in it, making your chosen surface wallcovering all the more important. Not only does the grain of the woods’ surface add texture and colour, it will keep the room feeling warmer too, due to the thickness of each plank.

As well as its fabulous looks, Acupanel® offers significant soundproofing properties, making it an ideal addition to the walls in an en-suite situated adjacent to a bedroom, or where a showering area is in a dedicated space within an open plan bedroom.

A partition wall will provide some privacy, but doesn’t stop the sound travelling. By cladding it in Acupanel®, noises such as the shower running or the toilet flushing will be reduced. 

The acoustic insulation is in the main due to the unique backing material, which is surprisingly made from recycled plastic bottles! Not only does it offer the benefit of acoustic noise reduction, but it’s kind to the environment too, making good use of an otherwise potential landfill product. 

Freestanding baths deserve a certain amount of opulence… The dramatic backdrop of black Acupanel® is visually very striking when offset against the sleek contours of a freestanding bath, creating both drama and grandeur in this monochromatic bathroom, with feature soft wood accents to add warmth.

Equally stunning in appearance and dramatic but on a much smaller scale, a floor to ceiling feature in Acupanel® behind the basin echoes the design of the tiling behind the bath, leading the eye around the room.

Whilst the darker colours and wood finishes in the Acupanel® range are sure to create a dramatic interior scheme, the mid toned woods have a zen like feel, creating a tranquil bathroom, which is perfect for relaxing in. 

Obviously the wall doesn’t have to be entirely clad in wooden wall panelling, and looks very effective as a half height wall, clad in our rustic Reclaimed range with contrasting glossy tiles.

Primarily available in more conventional wooden shades, our Reclaimed range is also offered in Bijou Creek Blue, a perfect wallcovering for any nautical or seaside themed bathroom.

One of our latest portfolio additions is Muratto®, and Primecork is just one of the fabulous product ranges offered in it.

Featuring a more conventional, oversized tile, it is primarily made from two layers of cork, which is then finished with a protective coating that has both natural colour pigment and water repellent properties, making it a stunning addition in any bathroom.

Often overlooked as simply being the smallest room in the house, the cloakroom is one place that many of our family and friends are sure to use when we can finally welcome visitors into our homes! 

Whatever room you’re looking to update, you’re sure to be inspired by the many wall panelling ranges that we offer at The Wood Veneer Hub, perfect for almost every room in your home!
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