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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
What is Wood Veneer Furniture?

What is Wood Veneer Furniture?

Wood veneers have been used in the construction of high quality furniture for over 200 years.

Frequently associated as being similar to laminate, and therefore an inexpensive and mass produced product, wood veneer is actually a traditional and structurally significant product in furniture production.

Likewise, unlike solid wood which is prone to expanding and contracting as the temperature fluctuates, wood veneer is a stable material which can be supplied in two forms. As single unmounted sheets, it is primarily used to replace, or partially replace an existing or damaged veneered furniture’s surface, whereas when supplied in panel format, a wafer thin veneer is applied to both sides of a strong substrate material such as furniture grade MDF. Once sealed, the veneer helps to stabilise the core material, making it a perfect product for furniture construction, in terms of both strength and visual appearance.

Aside from its real timber surface and rigid properties, wood veneer is considered an environmentally conscious alternative to solid wood and laminates.

With wood veneer, the solid timber is cut into many thin sheets, which can then be used in the production of multiple furniture items, whereas solid wood can only be used once! Equally, owing to the manufacturing processes involved, laminate is considered ecologically unfriendly.

Along with these benefits and many more, with wood veneer it is possible to ‘book-match’ the grain of the wood, due to there being multiples of the almost identical veneer sheets.

This means that the natural grain, which is real and not photographically reproduced as is the case with laminate, will repeat across a number of doors or drawers. Equally, because each panel is oversized, it can be cut into two or more pieces to make a true book matched woodgrain that seamlessly continues from one door front to the next.

At The Wood Veneer Hub we supply both fixed sized panels and unmounted veneer, to cater for all sizes of project and all levels of experience.

Our extensive library of unmounted veneers means that we can offer many unusual and rare species of wood, and as such have become recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers to hobbyists and furniture makers alike!

However, not everyone is experienced in using veneer. For a beginner, CubeFlex is the perfect choice. It is fully flexible and durable, thanks to its resin coating, whilst retaining the beauty of real wood, and as such can be used in all manner of applications including contouring around subtle curves should the need arise!

Lusso is one of the latest additions to our portfolio. Each finish has been carefully selected by our in-house designers, in conjunction with a munber of architects and interior designers to ensue that the range meets with the latest trends. Supplied in panel format, Lusso is sure to be a great addition to your home.

With so many options and indeed veneers to choose from, should you require samples or guidance in choosing the best product for your project, be sure to get in touch, we’re always here to help!

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