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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Why choose Acupanel® without acoustic properties?

Why choose Acupanel® without acoustic properties?

Until recently, apart from its great looks, one of the main benefits of Acupanel® is its acoustic properties. Its unique felt like backing, which is surprisingly made from recycled plastic bottles, can significantly reduce sound levels between walls, floors and ceilings. Even noise traveling from an adjacent party wall property can be noticeably dampened down when Acupanel® is fitted.

A firm favourite of many architects, interior designers and homeowners, the popularity of Acupanel® goes from strength to strength.

It’s become a popular choice over the past 16 months for many people unexpectedly working from home as well, who suddenly found themselves needing a makeshift home office.

Unaware of amplified sound levels, Acupanel® provided a welcome means of dampening down the noise of home schooled children or vocal animals. And, now that our lives are returning back to some sort of normality, these rooms still have a truly eye-catching and attractive new wallcovering!

But having a wood wall panelling with acoustic properties isn’t always necessary.

Offering all the stylish looks of original Acupanel®, but without the acoustic properties, non-acoustic Acupanel® was conceived.

Closely resembling the original version, Acupanel® without acoustic properties offers a cost effective alternative, ideal for any space where noise pollution isn’t an issue, but where the same fabulous looks are desired!

Its surface has the same three dimensional appearance, and each individual slat is still beautifully engineered using wood veneer, but its backing is rigid as opposed to being flexible. This allows it to be used as a cladding for doors too, successfully achieving the appearance of a ‘trompe l’oeil’ hidden door, or on a fitted furniture run.

Ever popular, the non-acoustic Acupanel® range will soon be available in three new woodgrain finishes, including Smoked Oak, Contemporary Grey and Walnut.

Choose Acupanel® today and transform the walls in your home too!

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