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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wood Wall Panelling Ideas for your Living Room

Wood Wall Panelling Ideas for your Living Room

As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, getting the interior decoration right in your lounge or living room is really important!

It’s a room that’s likely to get used by you and your family on a near daily basis, and whilst lockdown restrictions currently don’t allow it, the chances are that this space is also used by your friends and family when they come to visit.

Most people are likely to spend time in their lounges watching TV, listening to music, maybe enjoying supper and a movie, or unwinding in front of the fire after a busy day spent working. 

There’s certainly a lot of products readily available, with some being more suitable than others! It simply isn’t just a case of which paint shade to pick, or which wall to wallpaper! In fact, how you tend to primarily use your living room space can be fundamental when choosing a suitable wallcovering.

Whilst it’s a very popular choice amongst interior designers, wooden wall panelling is a relatively new concept to many people.

Influenced by the 70’s trend to clad walls with wood, today’s equivalent is both fabulous to look at and easy to install.

Acupanel®, currently one of the most popular wooden wall panelling ranges offered by The Wood Veneer Hub, has been designed for the discerning customer who has an exemplary taste for great design.

Each individual slat is carefully mounted onto a felt like backing, which not only adds to alluring appearance of Acupanel®, but offers acoustic noise insulation too!

It can be used to great effect on both walls and ceilings, and looks most impressive as a feature wall or feature panel within a wall.

Offered in two surface finishes, and in a choice of seven wooden shades, plus Concrete and Black, Acupanel® really does lead the wall in stylish wallcovering solutions for any lounge or living room!

It does require some DIY skills to fit it, but thanks to the 2.4m length of each panel, chosen specifically to accommodate most average British ceiling heights, there should be no need to create any joins on the wall.

If you’re looking for a super easy wooden wall panelling, there’s always TimberStik.

Supplied in planks, each length comes complete with a pre-applied adhesive strip, which you simply remove prior to presenting up to the wall.

Somewhat different, yet equally eye-catching is Muratto®.

Made from compressed cork, and naturally dyed in both primary colours and tonal shades, Muratto® offers an alternative wallcovering to panelling in the form of tiles.

Choose from oversized format Primecork tiles, or Chock, which features four angled squares within each separate tile, to create its distinctively different three dimensional appearance.

Offering so many different wallcovering surfaces, if you’re looking for ideas for you lounge or living room walls, be sure to check out our wood wall panelling for living rooms!

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