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Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!

Speaker Wood Veneers

Wood veneer is a popular choice for audio speakers and musical instruments because it creates a unique look. Making speaker cabinets from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and finishing with a layer of wood veneer is not only ideal for the sound quality, but it also looks stunning. We have a wide selection of wood veneers to help you finish your speaker cabinet or to restore an older set of speakers.
  • Cedar of Lebanon Wood Veneer

    The Wood Veneer Hub
    Original price £11.20 - Original price £15.25
    Original price
    £11.20 - £15.25
    £11.20 - £15.25
    Current price £11.20

    Wood Veneer Description The Cedar of Lebanon veneer dates back to ancient times where it was used to build some of the most historic buildings know...

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    Original price £11.20 - Original price £15.25
    Original price
    £11.20 - £15.25
    £11.20 - £15.25
    Current price £11.20

Wood Veneers for Audio Speaker Finishing & Restoration.

Many hi fi system hobbyists and audio speaker engineers rely on the high-quality wood veneer from the Wood Veneer Hub. With so many styles and colours of wood veneer to choose from – all crafted sustainably with natural materials – you can find the perfect enhancement to your homemade MDF speaker cabinet. Our durable wood veneers are also ideal for audio speaker restoration.

Decorative Wood Veneers for Hi Fi Speakers.

Decorative wood veneers are thin slices of decorative wood that can enhance a variety of surfaces, including speaker cabinets. With so many of our decorative wood veneers to choose from, you can find the perfect one to complement your living room or music room. All of our wood veneers are made from real wood, and produced with sustainability in mind so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality available for your speaker cabinet.

Peel & Stick Speaker Veneers for easy application.

Our line of peel & stick wood veneers are an excellent choice for speakers because they take little installation and few materials to finish. With strong adhesive already applied, all you have to do is peel the backing and stick your veneer in place. Finish your speaker cabinet with peel & stick wood veneers quickly and easily, while still getting exceptional results.

Speaker Wood Veneer FAQ

How do I apply wood veneers to my speaker cabinets?

Before applying a wood veneer, your MDF speaker cabinet should be sanded completely and any holes or knicks should be filled in. The MDF should be as smooth as possible. Afterward, you’ll have to measure and cut your veneer to size, then apply it with a special adhesive. For questions about wood veneer installation, you can always contact us.

What’s the difference between decorative, peel & stick and paper backed veneers?

Decorative wood veneers don’t come with any backing pre-applied, whereas peel & stick come pre-glued and paper backed have a flexible paper backing that makes them suitable for any surface.

Which wood veneer is best for MDF speakers?

The veneer you need for your MDF speakers will depend on your style and preferences, but our recommendation is the peel & stick because it’s easy to use and looks stunning.

Can wood veneer be restored and repaired?

With the right tools and finishes, you can restore or repair wood veneer. In some cases, the veneer will have to be entirely replaced, however.

Can wood veneer be stripped or removed?

You can remove wood veneer from any surface with a scraper or similar tool. Browse our selection of wood veneer finishes and tools for inspiration, or contact us with questions.

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