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Canadian Hard Maple 1.5mm Skateboard Wood Veneer Kit 88.9cm x 24.13cm

VAT Included

Skateboard Wood Veneer Kit Description

The Wood Veneer Hub is proud to offer you the finest in Canadian Rock Hard Maple Skateboard Kits. The Hard Maple or Sugar Maple grows around south east Canada and north east United States and is the most common veneer used for Skateboards and Longboards due to its strength and resistance.

The kits will be made up of 7 sheets of 1.5mm measuring 35" x 9.5 (88.9cm x 24.13) each.

Each kit will contain the following:

  • 2 x Hard Maple Natural Sanded Face (0.062" thick)
  • 3 x Hard Maple Natural Core (0.062" thick)
  • 2 x Hard Maple Natural X-Band (Cross Band) (0.042" thick)

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