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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

DecoFiller Paintable Ready-To-Use Filler | Orac FL300

by Orac
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The DecoFiller FL300 is the perfect filler for finishing any gaps between your Orac 3D Wall Panels and Mouldings. This polymer-based filler is recommended for finishing any gaps, be it between your surface and Orac product, or to fill in a cut-out. This lightweight acrylic filler is shrink-proof, and can be painted 15 minutes after use!

Available in a 310ml tube, a caulking gun is required to use this filler.

Key Features

  • Helps create invisible connection points.
  • Perfect for finishing multiple Orac Decor pieces.
  • Simple to paint!
  • Easy to use.
  • Made from sustainable materials.


23cm x 6cm

230mm (H)
60mm (W)
60mm (D)

310ml Tube

Installation & Downloads

The Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering profiles are easy to install. Download the installation below.



Our Orac Decor® range will be delivered by the courier within 5-10 days. We offer a variety of shipping methods which are available on the checkout.

50 years of history, innovation and quality.

Orac Decor believe walls are the most important element of an interior. And that’s why they are so passionate about them. Cover a complete wall or install as wainscoting to turn an empty wall into an eye-catcher. You can even use them to enhance interior elements such as a bar, headboard or reception desk!

Express your own style and personality with Orac.

3D Wall Covering with repetitive design is trending, it adds extra design and dimension to your space and creates a wide range of opportunities to personalise your interior. That is why Orac Decor® has introduced multiple 3D panels, designed by Orio Tonini, to express your own style and personality in a budget-friendly way.

Achieve a wonderful effect in every room.

The 3D Wall Covering profiles are multifunctional: cover an entire wall or ceiling to create an absolute wow effect or install the profiles as modern panelling. Achieve a wonderful effect in every room, from beautiful atria and lobby walls to functional surfaces for kitchens and toilets.

Orac Decor FAQ

What material are Orac Decor® products created from?

Orac Decor® products are made from high-quality polymers combining the strong, workable, quality characteristics of synthetic materials with the look of wood or plaster.

What is the lifetime of the adhesive?

Twelve months after production, the expiring date is on the packaging.

What classification do our Orac Decor standard products have?

Fire standard E. This means the product can burn, will continue burning and will not automatically stop burning. Please get in touch to find out more about the fire-rated products we do offer.

What is the maximum heat resistance of Orac products?

70°C (158°F)

Can Orac Decor® products be treated with fire retardant paint?

Orac products can be protected with fire retardant paint. Many types of fire retardant paints exist and can be used, e.g. the fire retardant paint AL20 (Aithon).

Do Orac Decor® products have positive acoustic effects?

Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering absorbs up to 25% of a conversation. They are also acoustically complimentary with most other usual building materials. In other words, the ORAC profiles are a great way to optimize the sound balance in your room and eliminate echoes.

Do Orac Decor® products have positive thermal insulating effects?

Using materials with high insulating properties ensures that our 3D Wall Covering profiles have a similar insulating effect as a standard insulating board of the same thickness. The installation of our profiles, therefore, not only provides an aesthetic upgrade to your space but will also help stabilize the temperatures within.

Can everyone install Orac Decor® products?

Orac Decor® products are straightforward to install. It is essential to follow the installation instructions step by step and to use suitable glue. Click here to download the installation guide or to watch installation videos.

Are Orac Decor® products easy to paint over?

Yes, since all products have a matt primed surface. They have to be finished with a final coat of paint.

Can you also place Orac Decor® products on painted surfaces?

Yes, you can. However, the paint must have a clean, dry and non-greasy surface. The paint adhesion must be good. It is essential to always sand off any remaining dirt and loose paint.

Can Orac Decor® products be applied on wallpaper?

It is best to remove the wallpaper before you install the Orac Decor® products.

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