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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Achieve a stunning wood panelled wall in five simple steps…

Achieve a stunning wood panelled wall in five simple steps…

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us have probably painted a room at some point and possibly even tried wallpapering.

Pattern matching wallpaper and cutting in paint isn’t always as easy as it looks, and sadly these glaringly obvious downfalls can make the finished end result look sadly amateurish.

Rather than trying something new, human nature frequently prevents us from doing something out of our comfort zone, and as such, we tend to stick with what we are familiar with such as paint or wallpaper.

Whilst most of us have never tried to fit wooden wall panelling, it’s a product that’s relatively easy to install and hides a multitude of a walls’ imperfections, negating the need for hours of pre-work!

In fact, it’s so easy to install that even a relatively inexperienced DIYer would be able to fit it, giving the illusion that a professional carpenter or tradesperson had completed the job.

However, it isn’t always down to the lack of experience in using a new product – sometimes the stumbling block could simply be not knowing how to measure the quantity that’s required or even which finish would best suit your walls, the time that you have available to fit and your budget.

Choose your finish

At The Wood Veneer Hub our portfolio of products includes an array of wood finishes, coloured panels and leather effects, and even cork, concrete and brick.

So, whether your room is dark and north facing, or a light and airy space, we have a variety of options to suit your style, taste and budget, and even a range designed to reduce the noise levels traveling between the walls of adjacent rooms.

Better still, our sampling service will allow you to see how the panelling looks in real life and from the comfort of your own home.

Where are you actually fitting the wall panels?

Most people tend to choose to clad an entire wall or ceiling with wooden panels, but this doesn’t always have to be the way.

Fitting wooden wall panelling in the recesses either side of a chimney breast, as a feature headboard behind a bed, or even halfway up the wall to ‘dado’ height are all popular alternatives to cladding an entire wall, and may well suit your room’s style better.

Consideration should also be given to as to the orientation of fitting each panel. In much the same way as vertical striped clothes give the illusion that a person is taller than they actually are, fitting wooden wall panels vertically on a wall will make the ceiling feel higher and vice versa for making a room seem longer and wider.

Measure the surface area

Once you know where you intend to fit the panelling, you will need to work out the surface area. This simply involves measuring the height and width of the wall or area to be covered and multiplying the two dimensions together.

So, if a wall measured 3.2m and its overall height was 2.4m, to clad the entire wall you would need at least 7.68m2, plus an additional 10% for cuts, so you would need to order at least 8.45m2.

Calculating the quantity

Whilst some of our ranges including Muratto® and our Reclaimed collection are sold in boxes, others such as Acupanel® are sold as fixed panels, so that they seamlessly run vertically from floor to ceiling without any joins.

In fact, owing to the popular vertical way that Acupanel® is fitted, The Wood Veneer Hub has extended the lengths of some of these fixed panels to include a 3.6m option, guaranteed to work in the majority of even the tallest of ceilings.

Wall preparation

Wood wall paneling will disguise even the most uneven of surfaces, without the need for any preparation. So, as long as the surface is fairly uniform, and any obvious cracks and holes have been filled with a suitable filler, there’s simply no need to sand it back to a plaster smooth finish!

When it comes to choosing your new wooden wall panelling, there’s always someone available who can help to guide you in your decision making, or assist you in calculating the quantity of product that you’ll require, so be sure to give us a call, and let the experts at The Wood Veneer Hub do the rest!

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