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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Acupanel – now available with and without acoustic properties!

Acupanel – now available with and without acoustic properties!

Since its launch last year, Acupanel has become a firm favourite between all our customers and clients.

Surpassing even our own expectations, the popularity of Acupanel goes from strength to strength…

For sure, Acupanel offers the most amazing and stylish wooden wall panelling solutions, transforming walls across the UK and beyond, but these unrivalled looks offer so much more!

Currently available in 10 fabulous finishes including a non-woodgrain Concrete option, Acupanel really is the on-trend wallcovering solution for the trendy homeowner.

Whether you’re after a subdued finish such as Natural Oak, a mid toned, warm finish like Rustic Bronze Oak or Walnut, a dark and alluring Smoked Oak option or something equally as striking but with a pared back finish like Rustic Grey Oak, our Acupanel collection will not disappoint!

And for those that really want the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, there’s always Acupanel in Black. Intensely rich, it looks super cool with minimal soft furnishings and an equally elegant flooring.

Up until now one of the main benefits of Acupanel is its acoustic properties. It can significantly reduce sound levels and noise reverberation between walls, floors and ceilings and even adjacent properties.

In fact, during lockdown, people have used it to great effect to dampen noise levels in their temporary home office environment, knowing that even when their lives return back to some sort of normality, they will still have a truly eye-catching and attractive new wallcovering solution, giving them many years of pleasure!

As always we love to hear your feedback, thoughts and wishes, so when we received a number of requests for a wall panelling solution that offered all the fabulously stylish looks of original Acupanel, but without the acoustic properties, we decided to explore this some more.

Made from black MDF substrate with an Oak or Walnut veneered surface, we are delighted to launch our non acoustic Acupanel.

Closely replicating original Acupanel, it offers a cost effective alternative, ideal for any home where noise pollution isn’t an issue, but where great looks are desired!

Now available with our without acoustic properties, transform the walls in your home with fabulous Acupanel.

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