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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Creative ways with Luméa Shell Veneer

Creative ways with Luméa Shell Veneer

Undeniably beautiful in appearance, Luméa shell veneer is one of the latest ranges to be added to our ever-increasing portfolio of fabulous veneers and wooden wall panelling.

Almost paper like, each sheet has been meticulously created using layer upon layer of some of New Zealand’s finest Abalone Paua and Mother of Pearl shells. Sustainably resourced and responsibly harvested, each shell veneer is only 0.3mm thick!

Each of the 17 finishes is a sight to behold, with the majority of iridescent colours ranging from subtle white and natural to captivating shades of turquoise, blue and green.

The properties of Luméa shell veneers are very similar to those of wood veneer. Although fragile, in much the same way as wood veneer, Luméa can be cut using a craft or scalpel knife, laser cutter or simply cut by hand with a sharp pair of scissors, meaning that you really can get truly creative with this wonderfully, almost decadent material!

Probably the most obvious use for Luméa shell veneer is on furniture, as either an inlay or as a decorative front. Its flexible properties allow it to contour around the gentlest of curves, whilst allowing its unique surface to shine!

The phrase ‘less is more’ might be true for some of the more intense colours such as Abalone Paua Emerald Green, which looks stunning as an inlay, set within teak or oak.

But, when a veneer is as exquisite as Abalone Natural Pearl, why wouldn’t you want to maximise its usage and update each drawer front?

It’s a product that offers so much more than simply a veneer… With its wonderful array of colours, Luméa shell veneer is the perfect ‘mix’n’match’ collection, especially as each gorgeous colour co-ordinates so beautifully with each other!

Almost gold like in appearance, Abalone Paua Peridot Green acts as the perfect accent colour, adding sparkle to any project. In fact, Luméa shell veneer can be used to create amazing wall art.

Every established veneerer can let their imagination run wild and create the most intricate of geometric patterns. Even a novice, looking to embrace their first project, can design the most eye-catching of ‘canvases’, simply by utilising a single Luméa colourway.

And for anyone who loves to ‘break the boundaries’, Luméa shell veneer can be used directly on walls, in either entire sheets or as a decorative accent.

So, whether you’re just starting to explore the world of veneers, or an established veneer specialist, consider stunning Luméa shell veneer for your next project and let your creativity flow!

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