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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Discover your inner interior designer with Muratto®

Discover your inner interior designer with Muratto®

Muratto® is the latest range of fabulous products to be added to our portfolio of wall panels.

Of Portuguese origin, each of the seven distinctly different collections primarily uses cork as the base material from which each range is created.

Cork itself is harvested from the bark of specific trees that primarily grow along the Mediterranean coast, where there’s plenty of sunshine, high humidity and low rainfall. The properties of cork, which are coincidentally not found in any other naturally existing material include being lightweight and impermeable to gas and liquid, making it an ideal material to use as a wallcovering.

It’s hard to deny the visual appeal of their cork wall panels. Each range is as equally beautiful as the next, and whilst the installation of each of the seven products is both quick and easy, the overall result is sure to impress!

Offered in 14 vibrant colours, the Muratto® ‘Undertone’ range comes with the added benefit of having high sound absorption, thanks to its 3D surface which is designed to dissipate noise.

In much the same way as our ever popular Acupanel range offers acoustic properties, so too does the ‘Undertone’ range, guaranteed to unleash the interior designer in you! Each tile is made from a mixture of cork and natural resin, which is then coloured using pigment to give the array of bold and contemporary colours.

Equally as striking yet offered in a more subdued colour palette is ‘Primecork’

Coloured using natural pigments, each oversized tile is available in 11 colours. Finishes include more classic options such as Moka and Dark Grey to truly striking Leather and Marble, to offer a designer touch in any interior space! 

Like ‘Primecork’, our ‘Brick’ range is also offered in 11 colourways, but these include more colourful options including Green and Terrcotta.

Supplied in three tile sizes, the 3D surface appearance is achieved thanks to each of the tiles having a different depth, allowing you to embrace your inner interior designer and customise your tiled tessellation!

Both the ‘Peak’ and ‘Chock’ ranges are moulded using natural resins and coloured using pigments.

Both of these ranges are supplied as a square format tile, and whilst ‘Peak’ features four pyramids, each set at different angles to create a pattern, ‘Chock’ uses a series of four squares, angled on different planes.

Both designs are distinctly irregular yet enticingly repetitive!

So, whether you choose to fit ‘Peak’ and ‘Chock’ as feature panels or over an entire wall, the effect is sure to leave you mesmerised.

For a very different wall panel, that’s sure to become a talking point, consider ‘Beehive’?

Offered in the same vibrant colours as ‘Peak’, ‘Chock’ and ‘Undertone’, ‘Beehive’ has been influenced by the geometric shape of a honeycomb.

Each tile features a series of irregularly shaped honeycombs, set side by side. When fitted, the overall effect is truly spectacular, making it a perfect wallcovering for any commercial interior space too!

Embrace your creative side and unleash your inner interior designer with cork wall panelling from Muratto®
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