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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Have you heard of Acupanel?

Have you heard of Acupanel?

Since its launch, Acupanel has become one of the most popular ranges in our portfolio.

Along with its fabulous and stylish looks, it’s available in a diversity of finishes.

From subtle and mid toned woods including ‘Natural Oak’, ‘Contemporary Oak’ and ‘Rustic Oak’ to richer, deeper woods such as ‘Rustic Bronze Oak’, ‘Walnut’ and ‘Smoked Oak’, there’s sure to be a finish to co-ordinate or complement any existing architectural features or flooring.

Alternatively, for a more pared back wallcovering finish, consider ‘Rustic Grey Oak’? Predominantly grey, but with warm wooden under-tones, it offers a subdued, yet sophisticated wallcovering solution.

But, if you’re after a wall panelling that oozes with on-trend style and dynamic looks, ‘Concrete Grey’ or ‘BlackAcupanel might just hit the spot! Totally striking in appearance, these two finishes will not only turn heads – they’ll stop you in your tracks!

Whilst Acupanel is predominantly about offering a fantastic and visually eye-catching wallcovering solution, suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, it actually offers so much more than just its stylish looks, having the added benefit of acoustic properties too! 

Thanks to its unique backing, made from recycled plastic bottles, which are then remarkably transformed into a material that emulates felt, Acupanel offers effective sound absorption coupled with reducing noise reverberation.

And if that wasn’t enough, this backing material also offers some thermal insulation too, containing the warmth in cooler conditions and repelling external heat from entering the room on hotter days.

It also comes with the added bonus that it’s environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact that the Lamella wood strips, used to make each individual plank, are sourced from sustainable forests, and by recycling the discarded plastic bottles, Acupanel is helping to remove yet more waste plastic from entering the worlds’ oceans.

With a next day delivery service, look no further than Acupanel for your next interior project.

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