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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Inspirational ideas for using wood wall panelling in kitchens

Inspirational ideas for using wood wall panelling in kitchens

They say that at the heart of every home is the kitchen!

From being a functional space, where food is lovingly prepared, cooked and served, to a social hub where family and friends congregate, and enjoy a natter over a coffee or a glass of wine, our kitchens are an integral part of the way we live.

Whilst the kitchen has always been a well-used room, during this past year, our kitchens have had to ‘step up a gear’. Many have become makeshift working spaces, with central islands being a ‘hot-desk’ during the day and practical preparation area in the evening. The kitchen has also seen some home schooling action, from general day-to-day lessons to home economics baking sessions!

Currently, many of us have a love / hate relationship with our kitchens!

They’ve kept us sane during lockdown, and equally drove us to distraction with all the new tasks that our kitchens have suddenly had to endure! 

Even if you’re still in love with your current kitchen, the chances are that having been staring at the same four walls during this past year, there’s sure to be something that you’d like to update!

A quick and obvious fix might be a lick of paint to the walls, as it’s much easier to wipe over a painted surface than one that’s been wallpapered. But, is that really going to make your kitchen feel significantly different enough?

One great way to transform your kitchen could be to use wooden wall panelling? It might not be the conventional choice, but are you really going to be satisfied with just an injection of colour?

Your kitchen has done you proud this last year, so maybe it’s time it got the VIP treatment in return?

Acupanel® from The Wood Veneer Hub is just one of the many fabulous wood wall panelling ranges that we offer.

Striking in appearance, each plank features a series of individual slats, which can be fitted both horizontally and vertically to suit your room shape and preference.

As most kitchens tend to be fitted with lots of geometric boxes, it’s the perfect choice for a feature wall too!

Whether you opt to fit wood wall panelling in a breakfast bar area within your kitchen, or perhaps use it to add interest to the back of a central island unit, the ideas and uses of Acupanel® are limitless!

In fact, it’s a product that you’re sure to fall in love with, so much so that people have described it as ‘addictive’. Having already fitted it in one room, many homeowners look to re-vamp other rooms in their homes too, to add continuity throughout their properties, in much the same way as a single carpet in all rooms has!

If you currently live in an open plan home, Acupanel® could be the inspiring way to connect your dining area to your kitchen, especially as its soundproofing qualities will help the acoustics in the open plan spaces!

Offering an alternative, but equally visually striking wallcovering is Muratto®. Its three dimensional surface is sure to create a talking point in your kitchen, and whilst it’s not officially recognised for its soundproofing properties, Muratto® is primarily made from cork.

If you’re forever in debt to your kitchen during the pandemic, why not give it the thanks it deserves with a makeover using wood wall panelling?

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