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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Invest in your home with TimberStik

Invest in your home with TimberStik

In the unprecedented scenario we find ourselves in, where so many people are working from home or opting to self isolate, DIY is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind!

It is hoped that for the majority of us, the side effects of the Corona virus will be mild. If this pertains to be the case, have you been thinking how you will make the best use of your free time?

Rather than watching an inordinate amount of repeats on TV, why not plan ahead and update the room or rooms in your home that you’ve been putting off starting for so long?

Primarily there are two issues that are likely to affect the number of rooms that you can update in any given period. The expense is the primary one and if you’re planning to do the work yourself then the physical time must be also factored in.

TimberStik is one of our latest products and offers a solution to both. Not only is it a cost effective way to totally transform a wall or room in your house, it’s even easier to apply than our other wall panelling solutions.

Like all our wall panelling ranges, there is no wall preparation required, as long as the walls’ surface is relatively sound. Unlike painting or wallpapering, there is no need to fill any cracks prior to installation.

Ultimately this means that as soon as your TimberStik arrives, it can be fixed to the wall with no preparatory work. Secondly, as each panel is supplied with a pre-applied adhesive strip, the actual fixing process is also very quick too!

Offered in six finishes, TimberStik is available in greys, browns and off-white options, with a final colourway being in a vibrant multi-coloured effect.

Subtle in appearance ‘White Washed’ is the lightest of all our TimberStik finishes, making it the ideal choice for any interior colour scheme or home office environment.

Also subtle in appearance is ‘Dove Grey’, with its calming appeal. It features a mixture of soft greys and white, making it the ideal choice for tranquil areas such as a bedroom or room for relaxing in, perfect as a place to retreat to in these unsettling times.

Pewter Grey’ is a warm, mid toned grey shade with accents of tan and ochre. Perfect for a feature wall, mix with leather with statement lighting to achieve striking looks and utilitarian style.

Chestnut Brown’ as its name suggests is a rich shade of brown, and offers the perfect wallcovering finish for an intimate interior.

Our deepest finish is ‘Graphite Grey’, where intense grey blends with sophisticated mauve accents. Soften ‘Graphite Grey’ with sumptuous fabrics for contemporary looks with chic style. 

Lastly, ‘Harlequin Multi-Colour’ features an abundance of warm shades, such as cinnamon, burnt orange and even sea green, juxtaposed next to warm patinas and rich woodgrains, so if you’re after a talking point in your home, 'Harlequin Multi-Colour' is sure to turn heads!

With so much choice, there’s sure to be a TimberStik wall panelling to suit your style and taste.
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