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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Seven industrially inspired finishes for your walls…

Seven industrially inspired finishes for your walls…

Industrial inspired interiors have been a desired style for a number of years.

Many warehouse conversions or penthouse apartments owe their minimalist looks and feel to the signature details of architectural features, open plan living and indeed the reclaiming or restoration of an exposed brick wall or concrete surface.

In fact, these two wall finishes are amongst the most iconic of all minimalist interiors, denoting the epitome of urban style.

It’s a look that remains as popular as ever, and is copied by many. However, replicating it into an average home isn’t always that easy!

That’s where The Wood Veneer Hub’s ‘Concrete and Brick’ comes into its own.

Supplied on a roll, each product is designed to emulate the original finish, making it as realistic as possible, yet without the labour intensive processes of polishing concrete or laying a course of bricks, and the expense of the raw materials too!

Using a revolutionary production method, each flexible 2mm sheet is composed of recycled stone and metal powders. This innovation allows you to re-create the natural appearance of concrete or brick, making it an incredibly versatile product. It can bend around curves, and is suitable for both wet and dry areas, so it’s uses aren’t just limited to DIY projects and home decoration installations – it can actually be used in bathrooms or shower enclosures too, and also externally outside as well!

This ease of installation means it also appeals to many interior designers and architects.

Rather than suggest a finish such as polished concrete to the client, only for the finished result to not be how the customer envisaged due to the overall effect or depth of colour, with our ‘Concrete and Brick’ sheets you can clearly see the finish that you can expect your walls to be finished in.

As you would expect if the product were ‘originally found’, each of the seven finishes does have an authentic slight colour variation, but thanks to our sampling service, you can see a physical swatch prior to buying, demonstrating both the colour and surface texture of each product.

So, if you’re looking for a way to create an authentic concrete or brick effect on your walls, be sure to check out our ‘Concrete and Brick’ sheets.

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