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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Soundproof your space!

Soundproof your space!

As more and more of us choose to work from home, so too does the need for a home office.

Whether you are self employed or if your company allows you the option to work from home, having a dedicated space is essential.

Of equal importance is having a space that feels conducive to work in. Storage is vital! Allocating an area for your laptop, printer and files and an adequate desktop surface is a necessity, especially where most jobs today require a certain amount of ‘juggling’ from one task to another.

Is noise distraction an issue?

However, even the most organized of spaces and tidiest of desks is not going to give the maximum output of work if noise distraction is an issue.

It might be that your office space is in a purpose built ‘garden room’, which simply doesn’t have the insulating properties of a brick built structure.

Alternatively, if your property is a flat, terrace or semi, you might experience sound pollution through dividing walls, floors or ceilings.

Likewise, your dedicated office space could be next to a child’s bedroom or TV room, with frustrating distractions.

Consider Acupanel...

If this sounds all too familiar, then consider choosing an acoustic covering for your walls?

As well as being extremely stylish, Acupanel, one of the latest products to be offered by The Wood Veneer Hub, has amazing superior sound absorption.

Suitable for domestic and commercial usage, it can be easily applied to both walls and ceilings.

How it's made...

Each decorative panel is made from a series of Lamella strips, to give an engineered appearance with a subtle rustic appeal. Plus, its backing material with felt like qualities adds to the acoustic insulation. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the felt backing is kind to the environment and justifiably each Acupanel has been given FSC© accreditation.

Acupanel is currently available in three distinct finishes – Rustic Natural Oak, Rustic Oak Grey and Walnut.

So whether you’re looking to reduce the noise levels in your home office, or indeed any room in your home, this fabulous product will transform your room both in terms of stylish visual appeal and sound!
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