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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
TimberStik wooden wall panelling… cheaper than a summer holiday!

TimberStik wooden wall panelling… cheaper than a summer holiday!

Even though the UK is currently seeing some lockdown restrictions being lifted, the chances are that for many their longed for summer holiday is looking highly unlikely!

Whilst some people have had their holiday cancelled outright or cannot self isolate for two weeks upon their return, others are hoping that their holiday be automatically postponed as they simply do not want to travel outside of the UK this year. Whatever has happened to your 2020 summer holiday plans, the chances are you’re likely to be disappointed somewhat!

For those who hadn’t committed to a summer holiday this year, or whose holiday has already been fully refunded are likely to be turning their attention to a ‘staycation’ or home improvements instead.

Having to choose between the two can be tricky! For sure, a holiday leaves you with great memories, but home improvements offer year round pleasure. In fact, many of us long for our annual holiday to get away from seeing all the jobs we need to crack on with in our homes. Along with the expense, there’s the physical time these jobs take which needs to be factored, especially if you are undertaking the work yourself!

TimberStik wooden panelling is a super easy way to update the walls in your home very quickly and as easy to apply as paint is! It’s one of our latest wooden wall panelling ranges and offers a solution to both.

Not only is it a cost effective way to totally transform a wall - it’s even easier to apply than our other wall panelling solutions, as there’s no wall preparation required.

As long as the surface of the wall is relatively sound, there is no need to fill any cracks prior to installation.

Ultimately, this means that as soon as your TimberStik is collected from us or delivered, it can be fixed to the wall with minimal preparatory work, as each panel is supplied with a pre-applied adhesive strip, which is simply peeled away prior to installation.

Offered in six finishes, including greys, browns and off-white options, along with a vibrant ‘Harlequin’ option, which features an array of complementary colours, there’s currently a 15% reduction on the price of our TimberStik collection, making it an even more cost efficient way to transform your home.

So for once you don’t have to decide between a summer holiday and home improvements – with TimberStik you really can have both!

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