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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wood wall panelling ideas for outdoor spaces

Wood wall panelling ideas for outdoor spaces

Spring is a time when we look to giving our gardens a much-needed makeover, after the cold winter months.

As the weather warms up, plants emerge, trees start to blossom and the days become longer. Even with restrictions being eased, the immediate outdoor space of our garden is for many, the place to escape to, having been indoors for the last five months!

What was once simply considered an outside space with plants and shrubs, is now a place for entertaining in, and ultimately an extension of our homes!

Finding the right balance to connect the inside of your home with your outside space can be tricky. A cohesive look can certainly be achieved with a colour palette of green and brown tones, but not everyone likes these colours or wants to re-decorate.

One of the best ways to ensure continuity between an interior and outside space is through the materials that you choose.

Whilst wooden wall panelling remains a firm favourite, cladding many interior walls and ceiling alike, the majority of our ranges are only suitable for use indoors. However, that’s all about to change with the introduction of one of our latest collections ‘Eco-Slat’. 

Offering an environmentally friendly alternative to real wood, ‘Eco-Slat’ pioneers the way in wood plastic composite (WPC) wallcoverings.

Made from recycled resin and wood, each ‘Eco-Slat’ wall panel is extremely durable, impervious to water and easy to install, thanks to it interlocking design, making it an ideal choice for use outdoors.

Available in five on-trend colours including white, grey, black, gold and brown, there’s sure to be a colourway to suit both your personal preferences and indeed your outside space.

Supplied in three metre lengths, ‘Eco-Slat’ can be fitted both horizontally and vertically, in the main without any joins.

Each of the four different designs has a subtle linear detail of thin raised slats, separated by narrow, self-coloured channels, to create an intriguing tactile surface.

So, whether you’re looking to transform the walls in your home’s interior, a garden office, or even the ceiling canopy of a terrace, ‘Eco-Slat’ is sure to transform your outdoor living spaces easily! You can also browse our full range of outdoor wood wall panels to find out more.

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