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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Coloured Wood Veneer

From our factory in Valencia Spain, a modern veneer peeling and slicing plant, comes our wonderful variety of dyed coloured veneers. Using the highest quality of dyes we are pleased to offer the finest in coloured veneer.

  • Aqua Tulipwood Coloured Wood Veneer

    The Wood Veneer Hub
    Original price £7.50 - Original price £19.80
    Original price
    £7.50 - £19.80
    £7.50 - £19.80
    Current price £7.50
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    Coloured Wood Veneer Description From our factory in Valencia Spain, a modern veneer peeling and slicing plant, comes our wonderful variety of dyed...

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    Original price £7.50 - Original price £19.80
    Original price
    £7.50 - £19.80
    £7.50 - £19.80
    Current price £7.50

Perfect Levels of Quality

We've spent many years travelling the world in search of beautiful wood veneer products, giving us an industry-leading knowledge of wood veneer species. Our products offer the perfect levels of sustainability and quality. Burls, swirls and figured veneers, from a wide variety of species, are all available from The Wood Veneer Hub.


We depend entirely on Natural resources. With that in mind working with wood veneer means we are selective in our log procurement. Today with advance cutting techniques we can utilise much more of a veneer log thus preserving one of the worlds most valuable natural resources.

Wood Veneer FAQ

Why use wood veneer?

Wood veneers are a perfect way to create a decorative surface without the high costs and movement of solid wood. There are a vast range of products and looks to choose from meaning there is usually something available for any project or preference.

How do I apply wood veneer?

Different wood veneer products require various processes so please get in contact if you need further assistance in how to apply your wood veneer.

Which wood veneer is best?

There all are different types of wood veneers for various projects so please get in contact so we can help with your specific needs.

Can wood veneer be stained or finished?

Wood veneer can most certainly be stained and finished. We recommend looking at our finishes section to see what will work best for you.

Can wood veneer be used outside?

We do not recommend any of our wood veneers are used outside unless finished with exterior finishes that will protect them.

Can wood veneer be replaced?

Yes, the veneers can be replaced usually by removing the old material and then adding one of our products to the substrate. For more information, please get in contact.

Can wood veneer be sanded?

The veneers can be sanded, and this is usually needed in order for the wood to be finished. We do offer pre-sanded sheets in our peel and stick and paper-backed ranges.

Can wood veneer be restored and repaired?

With the correct finishes, wood veneer can undoubtedly be restored although sometimes it is necessary to replace the surface.

Can wood veneer be painted over?

Yes, you could paint over the veneers if you wanted to.

Can wood veneer be stripped or removed?

Yes, wood veneer can be stripped. Simply by using a scraper or a similar tool, the wood veneer can be removed.

Is the wood veneer flexible?

The veneers are usually flexible going with the grain. Our innovative wood veneers that have specific backings are more flexible, so these are recommended if going around curves.

Will wood veneer stick to metal or plastic?

Wood veneer will stick to plastic and metals if the correct glue is used.

Can wood veneer get wet?

We do not recommend that the wood veneer sheets get wet.

Can wood veneer be laser cut?

Wood veneer can be laser cut. Some sheets laser better than others such as the peel and stick and paper backed products.

Can you darken wood veneer?

Any finish will darken a wood veneer slightly, but stains and other finishes can be used to achieve the colour or shade you are aiming for.

Is the coloured wood veneer dyed all the way through?

The coloured veneers are dyed all the way through so if you were to cut them, the edges would show the same colour as the face.

Which wood veneer is best for my project?

Wood veneers vary in specification so to find the best wood veneer for you, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

What is wood veneer made from?

All of our wood veneers are made from real natural wood.

What does wood veneer mean?

Wood veneer means a thin layer of wood.

What glue should I use for a wood veneer?

There are many different types of glue for various purposes. Please get in contact if you need help deciding which glue.

What is an 'engineered' wood veneer?

An engineered wood veneer is a manmade wood where customer colours and grains can be created through a lamination process.

How do I clean the wood veneer sheets?

Natural wood veneer can be cleaned with a duster or cloth, but if it has been finished, it is best to look at what the finish suggests.

How is wood veneer made?

Wood veneer is produced through a variety of different processes which include, slicing and peeling.

How is wood veneer cut?

Wood veneer can be cut with scissors, veneer saw or craft knife depending on what type of wood veneer it is.

How is wood veneer applied?

You can apply the sheets with our recommended glue or with our peel and stick products it can be applied by peeling off the film and using with pressure.

How do I apply wood veneer to a curved surface?

Certain woods are more flexible than others, so if you are looking to do curved surfaces, it is best to contact us so we can suggest what wood to purchase.

Is wood veneer durable?

Some woods are more durable based on their species properties. The constructional veneer in 1.5mm and 2.5mm is better for durability than the decorative veneer range.

Is wood veneer stainable?

Our Wood veneers sustainable, and we are fully FSC certified.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Call us on +44 (0)1525 851166.

Wood Veneer Sample Service

You can order our wood veneer sheet samples by clicking here.

Our complete Wood Veneer range is held in our UK warehouse, we offer next day delivery or in-person collection.