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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Dare to go dark on your walls?

Dare to go dark on your walls?

When choosing a new wall colour for any interior, most people tend to abide by the general assumption that light and airy is better – probably a big reason why so many people opt for white!

It’s a similar theory when it comes to choosing the finish itself. Paint is the first option that people choose, closely followed by wallpaper.

With considered planning, a dark colour on your wall or walls can look very dramatic indeed and shouldn’t just be limited to larger spaces.

However, the darker the finish you select, the more obvious the quality of the decoration becomes. Equally, even when wallpapers have coloured roll ends to disguise each join, the chances are they will not be invisible, which is sure to ruin the overall look!

Wooden wall panelling is a great wallcovering choice, regardless of its shade. In fact, whether you opt for a pale white-washed finish or an intensely rich and alluring shade such as Breithorn Burnt from our Barnwood collection, wooden wall panelling hides a multitude of a walls’ imperfections.

And, unlike paint which only offers a flat finish, wooden wall panelling features all the grains and knots the wood obtained as it grew, only adding to its charm!

Similar in intensity to the richness of Breithorn Burnt is TimberStik in Chestnut Brown. Each plank of this super easy to apply wooden wall panelling is supplied with a pre adhesive backing strip, which is simply peeled away prior to presenting to the wall.

Equally impressive is our Smoked Oak Acupanel wooden panels, which come with the added benefit of acoustic insulation. Thanks to their unique recycled backing material, they are not only kind to the environment but are stunning to look at!

These three finishes all feature warmer wooden tones, whereas Decadent Grey from our Reclaimed range lends itself to greyer wooden shades.

Likewise, on a similar ilk is Monte Viso Grey, which offers a sophisticated wooden shade that’s somewhere between the brown and grey spectrum.

For the ultimate dark wall finish, consider Black Acupanel? As deep as it is, it still has hidden tonal depths, allowing the charismatic woodgrain to still be subtly visible.

Will you dare to go dark on your walls – we’d love to see the finished results!

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